Malvertising: Not all Java from is legitimate

Isn't it ironic getting a Java exploit via┬á, the primary source for one of the┬ámost common used browser plugins? Current malvertising campaigns are able to do this. This blog post details a relatively new trend: real-time advertisement bidding platforms being infiltrated by cyber criminals spreading malware.   Conclusion Malvertising has changed over the years starting … Continue reading Malvertising: Not all Java from is legitimate

CryptoLocker ransomware intelligence report

In the beginning of September 2013, the CryptoLocker malware variant appeared in the wild, spread exclusively by the infamous P2P ZeuS (aka Gameover ZeuS) malware. CryptoLocker had a simple purpose: to act as ransomware, encrypting important files such as images and documents, and then asking the victim for money to unlock the files. Image source: … Continue reading CryptoLocker ransomware intelligence report