New Torrentlocker variant active in the Netherlands

Introduction The Netherlands was hit with a new spam run designed to spread a cryptolocker variant known as torrentlocker from Monday October 13th 2014 onwards. Please note that torrentlocker appears to present itself to victims as cryptolocker in all cases. Fox-IT now receives multiple reports of new victims in the Netherlands and we are currently … Continue reading New Torrentlocker variant active in the Netherlands

Live blog on SSLv3 protocol vulnerability ‘POODLE’

Google has announced the discovery of a protocol vulnerability in SSLv3. This vulnerability allows an attacker to read contents of connections secured by SSLv3. SSLv3 is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol that has been ratified in 1996. SSL is used to encrypt communications between clients and servers. It is usually integrated with webservers, mailservers or … Continue reading Live blog on SSLv3 protocol vulnerability ‘POODLE’

CryptoLocker ransomware intelligence report

In the beginning of September 2013, the CryptoLocker malware variant appeared in the wild, spread exclusively by the infamous P2P ZeuS (aka Gameover ZeuS) malware. CryptoLocker had a simple purpose: to act as ransomware, encrypting important files such as images and documents, and then asking the victim for money to unlock the files. Image source: … Continue reading CryptoLocker ransomware intelligence report

OpenSSL ‘heartbleed’ bug live blog

A bug has been identified in OpenSSL, all details can be found at The bug has been assigned CVE-2014-0160. OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 – 1.0.1f are vulnerable. We advise to upgrade OpenSSL to version 1.0.1g or higher Test if you are vulnerable You can test if you are vulnerable by requesting a heartbeat response with … Continue reading OpenSSL ‘heartbleed’ bug live blog

Building Bowser – A password cracking story

At Fox-IT we perform a lot of penetration tests. Invariably we encounter hashed versions of passwords that need to be tested for strength. We suspected that with a relatively small investment most passwords could be cracked, regardless of their complexity. It turns out this is true for any password of 8 characters or less.  This … Continue reading Building Bowser – A password cracking story

Malicious advertisements served via Yahoo

Detection of the infection Fox-IT operates the shared Security Operations Center service ProtACT. This service monitors the networks of our clients for malicious activity. On January 3 we detected and investigated the infection of clients after they visited Infection Clients visiting received advertisements served by Some of the advertisements are malicious. Those … Continue reading Malicious advertisements served via Yahoo

Analysis of malicious advertisements on

Starting on Wed, 31 July 2013, 18:54:50 Fox-IT's monitoring system detected a redirect occurring on It was another case of advertisement provider abuse. One of the advertisement providers loaded ads from an outside resource which returned an exploit kit named "FlimKit" exploit kit. After first being removed from a second exploit kit redirect … Continue reading Analysis of malicious advertisements on